Type of the Inspections

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Our Services

We offer inspections on all phases of new construction (pre-pour, frame and final), resale/existing homes, warranty, infrared thermography, foundation elevation surveys and building diagnostics.

Know de condition and potential problems of the house you are buying. Our comprehensive reports will help you make the right decision.

Pre-pour inspections are essential to verify the number of cables, placement of steel, plumbing and electrical items.

Frame stage inspections allow framing, plumbing and electrical items to be inspected before drywall and insulation are installed.

By using non-destructive scanning and imaging techniques, we can identify moisture penetration from roof, walls or foundation, , water leaks from plumbing lines or fixtures, missing insulation, etc, etc.

When your one-year limited warranty is about to expire, and you want to make sure everything is working properly.

Do you need an inspection?

We are here to help you with the purchase of your home

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